for cooking, baking and heating

Romantic inspiration that never gets old. This stove is hand-forged art furnace or fireplace, who also cooks, bakes and serves to heat. There is a model that serves as a central heating boiler, only instead of the oven for baking, has a boiler 30 liters of water. This stove is not used only for this purpose, but it is also a kind of sculpture in your home, cottage or other housing objects.

This is the most prestigious model of the Rekord company.

Rekord spends a little and gives a lot!

Depth 45cm
Width 50cm
Height 100cm
Weight 148kg
Heating capacity 160m3
Warming capacity of living space H=2.6 m 60m2
Diameter holes for fuel 28x23cm
Exhaust Fumes Standard 118
Power 6,5kW